We are pleased to announce our participation at this year’s UTECH 2018 in Charlotte, NC from September 11th – 13th (booth # 218) and CPI 2018 in Atlanta, GA from October 1st – 3rd (booth # 403). During the shows, we will introduce two new FOMREZ tin catalysts:

FOMREZ UL-30 – Dimethyltin with lower tin content which exhibits performance characteristics comparable to that of FOMREZ SUL-4 (DBTDL)

FOMREZ UL-29C – A purer version of our proven delayed-action FOMREZ UL-29 tin catalyst

If you or one of your colleagues plan to attend one of the shows, please visit us at our booth. If you would like to schedule a meeting for any of these conferences, please contact Peter.Lo@galatachemicals.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Focusing on new product development and geographic growth, Galata Chemicals manufactures FOMREZ organotin catalysts on two continents in three different facilities.  With one of the broadest product lines available globally, Galata Chemicals offers mercaptides, sulfides, carboxylates, oxides, and more.  Ready to meet market challenges, custom chemistries can be produced at various scale using a number of metals including Tin, Zinc, Potassium, Barium, Calcium, and Cobalt.